We have a ONE year old!

Roman is officially ONE year old. We’ve been celebrating the entire month I feel like… and rightfully so. He will only turn 1 once and although he may not remember it, we always will. Plus we have some pretty awesome photos to show him when he’s older. The weekend before his birthday, we took off … Continue reading We have a ONE year old!

7 months going on 17

Sat Roman on my bed so I could take my contacts out. I trusted Vegas to watch him 😉 and 5 Little Monkeys was playing on the phone. I walked away but I watched him fall backwards (on purpose) then proceeded to watch the 5 Little Monkeys intently.       We are in so, … Continue reading 7 months going on 17

7 Month Update

I just put Roman down for bed. He didn’t fight me like he has been doing the last week or so. Instead, he ate his last bottle, eyes closed, sighed and drifted off into a magical world of slumber. I sat with him for longer than I needed to, just taken him all in. I … Continue reading 7 Month Update